Step 1 - The Day Tank

Start by adding the Day Tank itself to your cart. Then scroll down for options!

Day Tank

Start with The Basics

Basic Day Tank with no accessories and no mounting option.

Comes with:
3.85 Gallon Day Tank
Standard cap
8' hose
High-pressure spray nozzle
Fill valve

Everything to get you started!


Step 2 - Mounting Options

The Day Tank has a number of mounting options available. Select your choice here, or pick multiple for multiple vehicles!


Hitch Mount

Mount the Day Tank to your standard trailer hitch receiver. Includes Universal Mount.


Rail Mount

Mount the Day Tank to a Toyota bed rail system. Includes Universal Mount.



Bar Mount

Mount the Day Tank on a rack or bar setup. Up to 1.5" diameter. Includes Universal Mount.


No Mount

Where you're going, there are no mounts. Carry your tank with you.

Step 3 - Accessories

You've got your tank and know how you're going to mount it. Now it's time to personalize it with the accessories that fit you.


Pump Cap

This is our #1 add on. Repressurize when you're on the road!


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Nozzle Holder

Use this for hands-free operation of the Day Tank.


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Soap Holder

Our newest add-on allows you to carry most sizes of soap bottles wherever your Day Tank may take you.



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Once you're set, just view your cart and finalize your purchase.