Gardening Made Easy

GoSpout 2.0 Gallon 
Portable Water Tank

The GoSpout™ features two gallons of water that you can pressurize in just a few pumps with the built in Pump Cap (or from a garden hose if you add the optional fill valve)! Keep this handy container on your back porch or balcony so you can easily water your plants. It’s perfect for washing hands (check out the optional soap holder!) with the built in nozzle holder and 5 pattern high-pressure nozzle. Imagine spraying down dirty feet or equipment anywhere and anytime – now it’s possible with the high-quality and affordable GoSpout!

Easily move around your garden with the GoSpout, making sure you get the water where you need it. With the 8’ coiled hose, you can avoid winding around with a clunky garden hose, knocking over plants, and winding up your garden hose when you’re done watering. With the GoSpout, you get quick, easy, accessible water for your plants that you can spray where you need it.

With it’s curved design, carrying the GoSpout around your garden is even easier than you would imagine. Its built in nozzle holder is great for hand washing or washing dirty gardening trowels. Whether your garden is in a front or back yard, a balcony, or a rooftop, the GoSpout can provide the water and ease of use you need to enjoy watering your plants.



  • 2.0 Gallon Capacity for Minutes of Spray Time
  • Pump Cap to Pressurize the Tank Anywhere, Anytime
  • Food Grade Plastic for Potable Water
  • 5 Pattern High Pressure Spray Nozzle
  • Built-in Nozzle Holder

The GoSpout is available in 2 options:

  1. Black Tank
  2. Black Tank with fill valve for self-pressurization from a garden hose

All options come with the Pump Cap, high pressure nozzle, and 8′ coiled hose. 5 lbs Empty, approximately 21 lbs filled

WEIGHT: 8 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 14 x 9 x 11 in
TANK OPTION: Black, Black with Fill Valve

Now Included

All GoSpout tanks now come with a brass adapter fitting to help protect the threads of the tank. If you need to remove the on/off valve, leave this adapter on and you’ll help protect your investment.